Saturday, June 07, 2014

First Penance

One last review before going to Confession

 Benjamin has been working so hard this year to prepare to receive two Sacraments.  The Sacrament of Penance/First Confession and the Sacrament of First Holy Communion.  He attended a CCD class with 4 other young boys from our parish and they all worked all year to have their catechism memorized. 

 Two weeks ago Benjamin had to sit down with our priest for an interview so that Father could be sure that Ben was ready intellectually and spiritually.  Father asked Ben many questions from the catechism.  Benjamin did a fantastic job and didn't seem at all scared.  Father was happy to let Ben know that he was indeed ready for these two big Sacraments..

Ben is quite small for his age so Claudio was making sure that Ben could kneel and still reach the screen in the Confessional.  It all turned out fine.

waiting for his turn with the other boys....all a bit nervous...all sweet and precious.
 Last Saturday Ben received his First Penance and had a quick rehearsal for First Holy Communion Day.

Ben is next!!  A quick pep talk from his CCD teacher..
Pentecost Sunday will be the big day!!  Ben has been very excited and counting down the days on his calendar!!  I feel nervous and just amazed at how quickly he is growing up!!  Prayers please for a holy reception of his First Communion.


Katherine T. Lauer said...

What a joy!

D said...

Great job!