Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Ice Cream You Scream....

My dear little Buggy has suffered with food allergies essentially since birth.  She was switched from regular formula to hypoallergenic formula within her first month of life.  By 6M she was reacting to even that and had to be switched to Elecare, an amino acid based formula.

At this time she also had her first round of allergy tests which showed she was allergic to dairy, eggs, and peanuts.  Because they were diagnosed so early Buggy has actually never eaten eggs or peanuts (and only dairy in the form of baby formula).

A year after that tree nuts and coconut was added to Buggy's list of food allergies.  Severely limiting her diet.

It was time for Buggy's annual allergy appointment a few weeks ago.  She was put through a battery of skin tests (32 in all).  Amazingly the only foods that came back positive was peanut!!  Dairy, which she used to react to on contact was negative and so was everything else!  I was dumbfounded!!  Totally shocked!!  Food allergies have been our reality for so long!

The doctor ran some bloodwork to be sure and lo and behold they also came back negative. So, he gave us the go ahead to let Buggy try dairy at home...

first drink of milk ever!
check out that boo boo on her elbow!  She fell on her way out of the allergist.  She had no idea she busted up her elbow.
  When I asked her how it tasted she said, "Like apples.." She is the family comedian for sure.
To really celebrate we went out to get her first taste of real ice cream!!  She chose vanilla with chocolate sprinkles!!

Ben begging for some of my cone....

Ohhh and her first scrambled eggs too!!!


Katherine T. Lauer said...

I'm overjoyed for you! What healthy, nutrition, and yumminess will now be in your home!

Jamie Carin and Claudio Romano said...

Oh boy Katherine! You have no idea!!! She has always been underweight/FTT and I am hoping that with nice fatty dairy in her diet that her weight will just fix itself! Until a few weeks ago even coconut oil was off limits. She basically only had meat as a source of protein and fat and how much meat can you get a 2yr old to eat?? Not to mention my grocery budget! Her special waffles and other substitutes cost a lot of money and really strained the budget! CHEESE GLORIOUS CHEESE!!!!

D said...

Congratulations! I really hope that she's enjoying her new foods as well.