Thursday, June 19, 2008

Over the Mountains and Through the Woods...

Last week we took a very nice vacation to Virginia to visit my dad and stepmom for Father's Day. Our time was spent relaxing, swimming, boating, and watching as many episodes of Deadliest Catch we could fit in.

Grandpa Bob and Grandma Judi got this lifevest for Ben so he could go on the boat. The thing comes right up to his nose. I think a less easy going baby would have been less compliant!

We got to the house before everyone was home from work so we quickly made out way down to the lake so Ben could have his first swim!

Oops forgot to rotate the pic :(

The water in the lake is very warm. Probably about as warm as his bath!

A little tentative at first...

But there is the smile! He really seemed to enjoy the water.

Grandma Judi spends some much overdue time with Ben.

And so does Grandpa Bob..

And even Uncle Travelling Matt is forced to play with Ben! ;)

This is a view of the dock coming down the lonnnngggg steps..

And a view back up to the house from the dock. Getting back up to the house carrying the baby and wet towels and a diaper bag and whatever else is no easy feat!

Shhh, Ben's sleeping!


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Walker said...

LOL Man, that kid can't even sleep without the flash going off. He must think the world is like an Oscar night runway!!

cute as hell.

Allison said...

My favorite pic is the one of Ben sleeping and the lake in the distance.

We just came home from the Corrotoman river in Virginia! The water there too was lovely, but the steps long and steep!