Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Anna's Health Update

Well we are home at last!! We came home 4 days ago. Lots of ups and downs since my last post. Poor Anna must be like Job.

Anna progressed from her munching on crackers and juice to eating her usual things (pasta, tuna salad, cereal, sausage, fruit, etc etc). Here she is very excited about a banana!

Unfortunately soon after this picture was taken Anna spiked a fever that at its highest was 104 degrees. To make a long story short Anna's PICC line wound up getting infecte with staph and fungus. The line had to be pulled an instead of going home we had another several days stay so Anna could receive IV antibiotics and antifungal medication.

Because the PICC line came out they had made the decision to stop her TPN (intravenous nutrition) because that is what was blowing out her IVs and now she needed good IVs to receive the antibiotics. Luckily she squeaked by by the skin of her nose on calorie intake and avoided another NG tube in her nose for feeding.

As soon as the PICC was removed her fevers subsided and the infection was caught fast enough that the infection did not enter her blood stream but was localized just to the area of the PICC, so she improved quickly. She is now receiving one more week of oral antifungal meds at home.

I wanted to get good pictures of them removing her IV after her last dose of antibiotics and of signing the discharge papers, getting dressed, and walking out, but of course after this not great photthe battery on the camera died and I got nothing else! Oh least there is the IV and a nice shot of her really cool scar.
Getting everyone home and reunited was SOO wonderful! Benjamin had clearly been missing and worrying about his sister. He has been showing her a lot of love since being home. It is incredible to watch Benjamin learn the dynamics of sibling relationships. He is learning how to successfully negotiate toy use, how to play together, how to be sweet and gentle.
And Anna is in full mimic mode. So a common "argument" I hear around here is Ben will tell Anna "this is mine". And she will respond "MINE!" very excited that she can mimic the word she just heard. But he thinks she is arguing so he will say "no it's mine!!" and she will respond "MINE!" LOL! It is hysterical to me.
Here is a loving moment between brother and sister soon after we got home:


Anonymous said...

Poor lil' Anna! She is so cute!

A Joyful Chaos said...

Poor little girlie! It's such a helpless feeling when we have to watch our children suffer with things like that.


Julie @ Trinity Acres said...

Wow Jamie, you've been run through the mill. Prayers.