Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Little Girl Needs Some Product!

So my long time baldy is having a growth spurt of hair. The nutritionist thinks it is her improved nutrition.

Her bangs are getting to the point where they are tickling her eyelashes....so I try to put a barrette in her hair to remedy that. But there is so much new hair growing in underneath that she looks a little goofy...

But my REAL concern is the back of her hair! It SEEMS (although we are still not positive) that she will have curly hair. Her hair is so fine and still rather brittle feeling that it is hard to tell if all the twists and turns are going to be curls or just an effect of brittle/malnourished hair. But when she is just out of the bath the back of her hair is beautiful with ringlets. And I have started putting in a little conditioner because it does get knotty!

See her halo of hair fluff?? So after her bath it is beautiful curls, but as soon as she goes to bed it becomes this fluffy, fly away, ugly, frizzy, mullet.

So what do I do?? I have tried spray in leaving in conditioner..just made it sort of crunchy.

Look at that fuzzy mullet!! So how do you take care of and style a little girl's potentially curly hair??


Jen said...

First thing - don't don't don't cute it short, as my mom did in elementary school! Ugh! I know you won't.

Leave in conditioner sounds sensible. They used to make one for little girls, actually. I used gel to make my curls hold together, some don't make your hair crunchy.

What do you use? Might work for her, just use less.

Jamie Carin and Claudio Romano said...

Ohh gosh no! She is my Anna of Green Gables model....so picture long pigtails and braids!

I wash my hair every day and either put nothing in (if I am ust sitting around at home)or use a pnatene spray on conditioner. But the key is hat my hair is wet through everyday...otherwise the hair is a disater (you too?)

So do I need to totally wet down her hair every morning?? And then use leave in conditioner? LOL just seems like a lot of work for an 18M old.

Katherine T. Lauer said...

So cute! What if you tried a quick spray of that children's detangler product on the back of her hair in the morning. Then do a quick brush with a bristle brush, would that cause the ringlets to come back and then help it not to dry to frizzy?

Jamie Carin and Claudio Romano said...

Katherine I think I will check into the children's stuff. I assume it is spray on detangler? My mom used that on my when I was litle.

Jen said...

Yes, I need my hair to be wet in the morning or it is probably getting braided or put up. Which is a nuisance right now (feeling sick in morning and waiting on progesterone supplement, then Ian is up and ready to go).

I used to be able to get away with putting nothing in my hair. Since I had Ian it is not as tightly curly. I have been using a Ouidad spray conditioner (not better than Pantene I'd say) and a John Freida gel, which is not crunchy. If I don't do this I get loose and potentially fluffy waves.

It DOES seem like a bunch of work for an 18 month old, and she MAY not like it. I guess just experiment? I would try just using a good amount of the spray conditioner first, in the back. It's like dressing them - it's fun for you, so however much you enjoy it, it's worth that. I think the spray stuff from when we were kids was Johnson's No More Tangles or something like that. I still remember the smell!

Conservamom said...

I loooooove her hair! I would recommend Frizz tammer. It's like a little serum they sell anywhere. They have different brands starting at around 3ish dollars and more expensive that go for around 8ish but it last a long time. I'm not sure if they make it for little girls but I put it on Gabriella after baths just to make brushing easier and it makes her hair a nice curl. You would just have to dab a tini tiny bit and the little bottle with last you forever! :)

Jamie Carin and Claudio Romano said...


I have some of that stuff, but when I put in my own hair it looks wet-ish....just not the feel or look I am going for. Just want her hair not to look like a rats nest.

Christine said...

when R's hair was like that, we do johnson's 'no more tangles' detangling spray. Not a leave-in conditioner, but it acts as such. We use it on both girls. Doesn't make either of their hair greasy or crunchy or anything - just manageable and not knotted!

I wouldn't necessarily assume her hair will stay curly... Andrew's hair had more curl than that, and it is stick straight now (shorter, of course).