Saturday, November 26, 2011

Advent Plans: Jesse Tree

We are going to try a Jesse Tree this Advent.  I think it is just another beautiful way to bring the liturgical year to life.  Following Jesus's family tree through the scriptures.

I used the ornament template from here: Jesse Tree

Since we don't have a color printer I colored them with some colored pencils.  Each ornament gives the date for Advent when it will  be used, the topic, and the reference to what scripture reading.

I would really have loved to buy a kit like this.  I think the symbols would be more meaningful and approachable to my small kids, but it just isn't in the budget this year.  There is always next year.

After coloring each ornament I glued the sheets to a piece of purple felt and hung it to dry.  Then I just cut out the circles, punched a hole at the top of each, tied a piece of purple yarn and we are set to go.

I don't think this could possibly be a worse picture, but you will get the idea.  This is the "tree".  Cla and Ben found this large branch outside with plenty of places to hang ornaments.  I filled a vase with gravel and stuck the branch in.

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