Thursday, November 17, 2011

Halloweeeeeen/All Saints Catch Up

I am dreadfully behind in posts.  No good excuse other than just been quietly plugging along, not in the mood to take care of anything but what must be done, plugging along through my third trimester.

So I figured let's at least finish up October and move on!  We did have a nice Halloween.  The first year that Ben seemed to get the gist of it and partake enthusiastically.  Ben dressed as his beloved Kangaroo and Anna as a lion.  I am not enough "into" the Halloween spirit to spend money or worry about costumes or what they WANT to be.  These were both handmedowns from various sources.  Luckily Ben fell in love with this kangaroo immediately.  As for Anna, the day before Halloween I dug out this lion costume and we all ohhhed and ahhhhed over it and so she was happy to be a lion.  I would imagine next year Ben will be a kangaroo again and again the year after that etc.  Anna we will see what we get in the handmedowns this year!

Ben's "smile"

yes, Anna is already eating a lollipop. 

I was a little worried how things would go.  Both kids were in a "just feed me and put me to bed" sort of mood.  We had had a long appointment at CHOP that afternoon (including bloodwork for Anna) and I feared they had reached their limit of human interaction.

but they perked up.

and we are off!  We did just one block..that is enough for preschoolers.
It was the first of many Halloweens that we had to deal with Ben's allergies.  I was hopeful that there would be enough non-chocolate candy that it wouldn't be a big deal, but he got almost exclusively chocolate!  So I ran out and bought some safe candy and just traded out the things he couldn't have.   He never knew the difference and hopefully once he is old enough to know the difference he will be able to understand.

I got just a few pictures from all saints.  I am all for the easy costume.  So Ben was St. Juan Diego and Anna was Our Lady of Guadalupe and I think I spent a total of maybe 20 minutes making the costumes.

love Bens crooked smile here!
Anna was pretty much non-compliant about wearing her veil AND getting a picture.  This sweet girl was trying to help get her to stand still LOL

watching the other children have their turns.  Each child had a turn to go up on the platform and give a description of what saint they were dressed as.

And the ham as himself.

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