Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Preparing for Baby and How This Improves Fine Motor Skills

We have slowly been pulling out all of the baby paraphernalia we have tucked away in the scant storage areas around the house.  Not so much so we are prepared, but more to be sure we could actually locate everything!

Both kids have been very interested in all of the items...wanting to sit in bouncy chairs, to explore long ago tucked away toys they had forgotten, but most of all they are just loving this little activity mat.  They will lie on it together and separately and play with all the accessories.  Ben will use it as an ocean for his Playmobil Pirate Ship and Anna mostly likes to look in the mirror.

But Ben in particular is really enjoying removing each of the toys from their hook, rearranging them, and reattaching them again.  It requires quiet concentration and dexterity and is giving him some excellent fine motor skills exercise which he could definitely use!

I pray that once the baby comes they are still as interested to play....by interacting with the baby and her toys (as opposed to being possessive about the toys).

I am still finding Ben's love for the space in front of our heating vent irresistibly adorable.  Whenever he hears the heat start blowing he gathers up his lovies and whatever else he wants and runs for the vent.

Today it is the beloved Playmobil ship (he just got this from my inlaws for Christmas and it has been played with for many hours already) and a box of animal crackers.  What more could a boy want??  He is looking away because he told me he didn't "need" his picture taken today.

Anna is not around to join him today.  She went down for a nap very early after another rough night of vomiting.  We are taking her to the pediatrician today.  Prayers for healing and wellness in the house and especially for little Anna.

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