Monday, January 02, 2012

Where We Have Been...

Oy, what a month it has been...and it seems to be continuing...

This is the scene from this morning:  lounging with best lovies, PBS playing cartoons, completely zonked.

The kids have just been stricken by one bug after another after another... They are currently suffering through a really strange and somewhat horrendous stomach bug.  This after colds, sinus infections, virus, double ear infections, and tooth extraction!

 We could definitely use some prayers here for wellness!

Thankfully we had a short reprieve between ear infections and stomach bugs to head down to Virgninia to spend Christmas with my dad and stepmom.

For some reason we never take many pictures while down there but I thought these pics of the kids very patiently waiting to open gifts were just too cute.  

 They were all wide eyed and amazed when they came upstairs to see all the gifts put out under the tree.  But they just sat and waited until everyone was ready.


I love Ben's little pile of lovies there (he totes around a cat, a doll, a pillow, and a really soft blanket with a bunny rabbit in the corner)

Even little miss compulsive disaster maker didn't dare touch until it was time LOL...

I think this is the only pic I got of an open present. I just love that little face. Both kids got lots of new toys that they are very excited about. And we had a lovely time in Virginia. Now we are *tick tock* waiting for the new baby to come! Two weeks to my due date and I am praying praying that she is not super late like her sister!!

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