Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Yarn Along - Nemo Mittens and Dishcloths

Finally jumping in to join Ginny in her Yarn Along again!

I have been working on a pair of Nemo/clownfish mittens for Ben.  Almost done with the first mitten.  Just working on the thumb.  Each mitten also requires a fin and a face, but I think I will wait and finish the second mitten and then do both mittens at the same time.  Whenever I take this out to work on Ben asks, "are you knitting just as fast as you can??"  LOL....I tell him yes, but I am just a ridiculously slow knitter and me and dpns......well, let's just say, I am not all too fond of them!  Notice I didn't take a close up LOL....I am a sloppy knitter when it comes to the dpns.  And normally I would say practice makes perfect, but I would prefer no more dpns and to just leave it at that! LOL  of course I have promised my husband a pair of fingerless mits and after searching high and low for a pattern that was not done on dpns I have resigned myself to one more project in the round.

The project with the blue yarn is just a very simple dishcloth.  I have always wanted to do a dishcloth and just never did, but I am LOVING this pattern.  It can truly be done without any thought and works up super quick and can be picked up and put down easily without losing your place.  It is just an excellent sort of thing to have lying around to do while you are waiting for water to boil, or computer to boot up, or pictures to load up, or while you supervise kids in the bath etc..I am using this pattern.

Also, wanted to show off my knew knitting accessories.  I got the orange knitting bag and the red and black needle organizer for Christmas.  The knitting bag is humongous and PERFECT.  It holds ALL of my knitting supplies...a lot of my spare yarn.  And this freed up an entire shelf in my kitchen which now can be used for something else.  And in a tiny house with virtually no storage that is of momentous excitement!!  I used to keep my projects in a pocketless tote bag and I would have needles swimming around getting stuck in yarn and pulling apart the balls.  My patterns would get all wrinkled and scrunched.  I could never find my scissors or my place markers or my tape measure.  Those days are gone!  I have complete knitting organization!!

As for what I am reading.  I HAD been reading The Wilder Life about a woman's (the author) interest in and adventures in the world of Laura Ingalls Wilder.  I was really enjoying it too.  But I got my copy from the library and because it has been reserved it was only a two week loan.  I read even slower than I knit and I read only before going to bed.  So after two weeks I was only halfway through and had to return it.  The reserve list is a mile long.  So I will see if I can get back on it but it might be another 6 months before I can finish this book.  So last night I picked up  Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.  It has been on my shelf for decades but I have never read it.  And it is just the sort of largeish print, easy reading I like before bed.

And what's a morning without a quick pic of the kiddies??  This is the face Ben made when I asked him to give me a "real good smile".  LOL  This kid totally cracks me up lately.  Last night I was getting ready to leave for my knitting class.  And so he was trying to convince Daddy that they needed to take baths (Daddy just doesn't do baths unless absolutely necessary).  So he said, "Ohh, I was told we need to take baths tonight!"  And so Cla asked, "Oh?  Who told you that?"  and Ben points to our nativity scene and says, "Alllllll these WONDERFUL saints told me that we need to take a bath!"  LOL....can't argue with that can ya??  Cleanliness is next to Godliness they say!

And Little Miss Bella Bean who had her 4th straight night of vomiting made a quick appearance for some yogurt and mint tea before asking to go take a nap.  The poor thing is just totally worn out from night after night of sickness.  So please keep praying for this little soul who endures these things with great spirit, but, like everyone, has her limits.


Jarka said...

oh I home she feels better soon!

whoa! lovely Nemo mittens! :)

Jennifer said...

Nemo! How lovely and perfectly awesome!
The Beauty of Eclecticism

OrangeBlossom said...

The Nemo mittens are so cute! I love how he asks you to knit faster.

How awesome for the knitting organizational tools!

Julia K said...

I have taht book-would you want to borrow it?

Jamie Carin and Claudio Romano said...

Thanks Julia, but I was able to get back on the reserve list adn I am only number 2 so it should be back to me in a few weeks! Meanwhile I got some other stuff out of the library to amuse myself.