Monday, April 16, 2012

All The Randomness That's Fit To Print!

Oy! We have been busy living life here. A mix of nothing new, more of the same, the more things change the more they stay the same..

We had a lovely Easter and Passover with my family.  We were supposed to go to my BIL for Easter, but at the last minute my nephews got sick and between having an infant and a tube dependent child on the cusp of weaning we just didn't want to get into the gooks right now.  So, my cousin and his family gratefully saved Easter for us and invited us to their house at the last minute.

 found this Easter dress at a local consignment store for $8 brand new with tags.  I am SO in love with this dress!!

We are having another heatwave here.  Hit the 90s today and I broke down and turned the AC on and we set up the kids big blow up pool today.  Before that they make due with this tiny wading pool.

Anna had a great follow-up with the Feeding Team last week.  She had gained over a pound and is now between the 10th and 25th percentile for height and weight.  This is mind boggling to me!  I have NEVER had a AVERAGE!  So we have started weaning her from her tube.  She is down from 7hr feeds overnight to 5hr feeds.  The process is slow...just a few hours at a time every month or two.

AND Anna is potty trained!!  She was SOOOOOOOOOOO much easier to train than Ben...I think I have post traumatic stress disorder still from potty training Ben.  Anna took a day or two and other than an accident here and there she does great! SOOO proud of her and so happy to only have ONE diapered child!!

this little lady just LOVES to sit up so I broke out the Bumbo to see how she would do.  She sat here observing for over a half hour before she made her displeasure known.
impossible NOT to kiss and tickle those feet!!
Well, little Beatrice had her 3M weight check today.  *sigh* She is 9lbs9oz and she is 3M old tomorrow.  So far my tiniest baby.....which means she is super tiny!  She has dropped below the 5th percentile and so she will be seeing a pediatric GI at CHOP.  Sound familiar?  She just doesn't eat very much.  She is a happy, sweet baby girl, but.....not hungry?  So the testing will begin.  I am grateful that we will deal with any issues so early with her and hopefully be able to avoid any long lasting side effects like those that have plagued my older two. (and before anyone thinks it or says it..the issue isn't that she is a tiny baby, it is that she consistently loses curve on a growth unable to maintain herself).  Prayers appreciated.

it amazes me the things I find when I come downstairs in the morning...did you know some My Little Ponies have magnets in their feet?  Me neither.
Benjamin is learning to read!  He is amazing.  He brings new meaning to the term "slow and steady".  He knew his letters and letter sounds before 18M.  Then somewhere along the way he figured out how to sound words out but was completely incapable of then putting it together and figuring out the word he was sounding out.....even the simple idea of rhyming seemed to elude him. Then just a week or two a lightbulb went on he suddenly figured out how to sound a word out and then "put it together" as he says.  He can get through a few of the first BOB books and he is sounding words out wherever he can find them.  The same with numbers.  Number literacy is blossoming as well......all the way up to 100 with a few prompts from me here and there. 

Tomorrow he is seeing an endocrinologist to have an xray done to measure his bone age....and talk about possible endocrine reasons for his short stature.  He and Anna are currently wearing the same size clothing....and where Anna is growing by leaps and bounds Ben grows at a snails pace.  This is sort of the end of the line for him now that we have his food allergies under control and his eating so improved.  Prayers for him as I am sure there will be bloodwork involved.

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