Friday, April 27, 2012

Seven Quick Takes

Every week I mean to participate in 7 Quick Takes but the thought of this computer moron figuring out how to add the button to my blog gave me cold sweats.  So I decided that the button isn't mandatory (I hope that is true) and as long as I mention the delightful Conversion Diary blog that that would be sufficient.  And it really is beyond delightful.  She is inspiring, brilliant, faithful, AND beautiful.

But enough about her ;)

1. Is there anything more delicious, heart warming, perspective giving, comforting than the first time you pick up your baby each day?  It nearly takes my breath away.

2. We got a lot of interesting child related medical news this week.  Ben:  all of his bloodwork came back normal...YIP YIP!!  And the results of his bone age xray showed "growth delay".....almost 2 years worth.  My 4yr2m old is comparable in size to a 2yr8m old!  This may sound awful, but it was actually great news!  His bones still show heaps of growth potential and he is likely a "late bloomer". Anna: in a strange twist of your new insurance company refusing to cover anything fate Anna isn't having to use her tube for overnight feeds.  Instead she needs to drink at least 4oz of a high calorie shake....and she has been doing it.  Prayers that her weight stays up and we will be tube free soon! Beatrice:  had her first visit to CHOP this week to visit a GI.  Because she is tiny....SURPRISE!  Anyway, the doc changed her reflux meds and gave us special instructions on how to concentrate her formula for extra calories.  Not sure if it coincidence or what but this girl is CHOWING down on this stuff now!!  So hopefully that will do the trick and our adventures into FTT with Bea will end here.

3.  I got new glasses.  They are PURPLE!!

4. When I had my eyes checked the Optometrist informed me that I no longer needed bifocals (which I have worn since I was 15).  I was VERY happy.  After 20 years of wearing bifocals I NEVER got used to them and I HATED to wear my glasses.  As I did a happy dance the doc informed me that the vision change was likely due to my AGE!!! Thanks lady.

5. I have a slight obsession with Gotye and his song: Somebody That I Used To Know.  I only liked him more after I heard that he was annoyed that Glee covered his song.  As far as I am concerned that just gave him more street cred.  I DO.NOT.GET.GLEE!!!!  Terrible, obnoxious versions of already sub par songs with a good dose of bad plot lines thrown in for good measure....what is the draw?!

6. In case you don't know the song I am talking about.....for your listening enjoyment:

 7.I am sitting here staring at my screen trying to come up with #7.  So I figured that can be my #7.  This is proof of my terribly addled mind.  I can't even think of 7 THINGS.  What I CAN tell you is this is taking way too long and my children are running wild.  Except for Beatrice who is in an exersaucer and looking pretty adorable exersaucering.

Have a great weekend!


Unknown said...

Congrats on the good news with your kiddos! It sounds like you were due for an encouraging link. As far as the button goes, Jennifer has a way-cool "7 quick takes toolkit" where you can just copy and paste the button, link, and even numbers for your post - you just add the content. It makes my Friday posts SO much easier!

jen said...

i was going to tell you about the toolkit but angie beat me to it! i saved the button to my own site but i also have a domain and know enough html to make it work. :)