Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Update On Ben's Appointment

snuggling Beatrice while watching Fantasia (the Disney movie not the American Idol winner)

Ben's appointment went really well yesterday......probably because we didn't do the bloodwork yet.  The doctor said that we can confidently say that eating is no longer his problem.  That he is a good weight for his height.  This was such a relief for me after almost two years of him eating SOO minimally.  And worrying and worrying.  So, glad we took him off dairy.  I feel like one issue is finally positively resolved!

He is having bloodwork done to check his growth hormones.  Assuming those come back fine he will just be monitored every 6 months to see how he is growing.

I left actually feeling GOOD...instead of worry and anxiety.  Plus, Cla agreed to take Ben for the bloodwork for me.....TRULY a relief.  But prayers for a brave Ben please. 

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