Wednesday, August 15, 2012

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Well, I won't say spectacularly because we are severely limited by space and sunshine (we barely get any direct sun in our yard.  But we manage to get a few things here and there.

These are our last bunch of onions.  Most are very small because they were not in a place that got much sun. 

I have NO idea what these flowers are but they smell AMAZING!!  My sister in law's mother gave me a cutting last summer after I admired how nice they smelled.  Never thought to ask what they were LOL

My black eyed Susan.  I had a great bunch of daisies too but they have died already.  I wish these things stayed in bloom longer.

This is our oregano.  We pick it and dehydrate it to use later.

Here is the view of our jungle garden.  That is it....the whole thing right there LOL...Well that is where our veggies go...our berries and herbs are in other spots.

ripening tomatos..

I spy a zucchini
Our lone and beloved apple.  We have a dwarf container apple tree.  I should have taken a picture of the whole thing.  It is really amazing.  At one time it had three apples but somehow two of them were lost (squirrel or something?) and this lone apple is all that remains LOL.....we will each get one wedge of it when it is ready to pick!

A garbage can of weeds you wonder??  No!!  These are actually our potatos!! We grew potatoes in the ground last year and got a small crop.  This year we didn't want to take up all the space with potatoes so we found somewhere along the way this idea of growing them in a garbage can.  We will see how they come out!

So here is what I pulled out of the garden.  That light green round thing in the bowl.  That is actually a cucumber.  Our cucumbers are dying and this is all we have so far.  No idea what the story is with it.  And there are our onions all cleaned up!  I will use them later in the week for a potted chicken.

We would love to grow enough tomatoes at once to be able to can them for the winter.  But we just don't have the space.  So I just use them as they come and rather than make a whole production out of it I literalyl just toss whatever I have into the food processor skins, seeds and all.  I let it go until it is liquid.

Frothy tomato liquid.  I then start my sauce using store bought cans of crushed tomatoes and I just add this right into the pot with that and the seasonings and whatever else.  Always comes out great and really fresh.  If you don't have a long time to cook it down then you can add a tomato paste as well.

And there is also a Buggy sprouting up!!!  She pulled herself up on the couch....just poked her head up to say hello!


Mary said...

It will be a bad year for cucumbers b/c they need tons of water. With the drought they probably would not have had a chance. Great garden!

L Brons said...

If those are the leaves at the base of the white flowers, they are hosta. Most grow them for their greenery (can be variegated w/ yellow or white, too) and separate out easily to spread to other areas. Be sure to take some with you to your new house. They are a great shade plant. My favorite for rock gardens. Enjoyed catching up . . .