Monday, August 19, 2013

First Day of School DONE!

First day of the new school year done and with a fair amount of success.

For some reason Anna asked if we could have chocolate cupcakes.  So I promised to make them for the first day of school.  They woke up very excited this morning..for school or cupcakes?  Unclear.

But I made by tried and true dairy/egg free zucchini bread recipe and added some cocoa, a few chocolate chips, and a squirt of chocolate syrup...and made them in a muffin tin and voila chocolate cupcakes!!  I even let them put frosting and sprinkles on them!

Then the kids finished their morning chores with little complaint or trouble.  We had our basket time while Buggy ate her breakfast (she is our late riser)

I had hoped that the morning would work out in such a way that Buggy would be ready for her nap when we finished basket time and it was time to start academic work, but totally didnt work out that way.  So, either we need to start school later or get Buggy up earlier!  Or just deal with her.  She wasn't so bad.  Mostly bopped around the school room.  But she did get some crayon on the wall, did like to climb up on Ben and Anna's chairs and try to "help" them with their work etc etc.  I brought in this big lady bug because she really does love to sit and lay on it and I brought in the little kiddie table where she did look at a few books.

And there are my two elders at the school table working.  Anna finished her work pretty quickly and did a very good job compared to what I expected.  At this point she was done and sitting on the table cutting a piece of paper with scissors.  Ben did great and accomplished a ton of work in our two hours.  He slogged a bit through his reading workbook but I totally loaded him down with reading in the hopes of getting through that last section of his last year's book that I let him cut short last spring in order to play outside in our new super yard.  I might just cut out some of the pages because if he knows the reading of it how many times does he need to re-write the same thing?  Probably not 4 pages worth.

So day one over with plenty of time before lunch.  The kids are out on the porch playing, the baby is napping, and I am about to get some laundry folded.


Allison said...

Hurray! The beauty and satisfaction of homeschooling, and it sounds like you're off to a great start!

God bless!

gobbagram said...

Good Job!

Anonymous said...

Totally love the picture of Ben in that big chair. LOL That was fun to hear about.- jae