Friday, August 30, 2013

Friday Photo Dump!

Here are is our finished pear sauce.  Four canned/sealed jars and three freezer cups.

We made our first library visit and Ben kindly read to Anna.

Buggy has a budding love for books...

And combined with her "alpha" baby status it occasionally gets a little violent LOL

But look at that little elf face!!  She is too much!

Ben took this picture of the castle he and Anna built.  That horse doll next to it they call Blaze....after the horse in the Billy and Blaze books.

Ben took this picture too.  Buggy looks surprised.  Perhaps she is surprised I haven't yelled at her for dropping rice krispees all over the floor!

And picture requested by Anna and Ben.  Best of friends in an "old married couple" sort of way.  Anna is wearing Ben's pajamas (in case you wondered) because I let her sleep in Ben's room on non-school nights.  But Buggy was already asleep in the girls' room and so she borrowed Ben's jams instead.

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