Monday, August 11, 2014

First Day of School 14-15

In case you wonder...Ben is expressing how much more he likes donuts compared to cinnamon buns.

Ohhh it feels good to be back to the familiar routine!!  I thought I was totally not ready and perhaps even rushing into the start of school unprepared.  But the first day has gone more than swimmingly (Ben is still working as he is a master dawdler) and oh boy did those all routines feel good after a summer of running wild!!

We are getting a nice and super early start this year because I find come August the kids are starting to get bored....just hanging around like lumps.  And I know from two years experience come April/May it is impossible to strap them down to get school done and at the precious young ages I can't bring myself to force it anyway.  So, hopefully we will be done come May when the kids want to run free...and again be ready to get back to routines come August.

A quick rundown of what we are working on this year:

-Singapore 2A US edition (this is new this year...a switch from Abeka.  I am not entirely sure it is going to be a good fit but we are going with it for now)
-Memoria Press 1st gr. Literature Study Guide (this is a quick finish up from last year and we will be moving into the 2nd grade Lit. Guides in a few weeks.
-Grammar CHC Language of God for Little Folks Level B
-Spelling CHC My Catholic Speller Level A (finish from last year and then we will get our spelling from our other work)
-Religion St. Joseph Baltimore Catechism and a healthy dose of Lovasik etc
-Poetry as recommended in MODG.  We are starting with The Owl and the Pussycat
-Geography we are learning about the states and capitals
-Science Usborne Science with Plants and Milliken Seasons and Living Things and Magic Schoolbus and WildKratts for those rainy days.

Annabella is for real in Kindergarten now:
-Abeka K Number Skills for Math
-Phonics/Reading Little Angel Readers
-Religion Treasure Box Books, Chats With God's Little Ones, Leading the Little Ones to Mary
-Handwriting Writing Our Catholic Faith

Anna finished her school day in the time it took Mr. Slow Poke to finish Math and she did a wonderful, enthusiastic, and well done job!!  So pleased with my little peanut!!!  In fact she finished so quickly and thoroughly that I forgot to get a picture of her doing school!!  I will have to get one later because she chose quite the fetching first day of school dress.


Katherine T. Lauer said...

So fun!

Anonymous said...

I have a second grade dawdler, too! We are starting next week, because of those August blahs - and so that we can take some healthy breaks(or, breaks because we are not healthy) throughout the year. God bless your year!