Friday, August 29, 2014

Girls' Bedroom

My mom asked for some pictures of the girls' newly "furnitured" bedroom.

My mom and stepdad gave us a gift when Lucy was born to get some furniture for her. Because she will eventually be sharing a room with her sisters that meant that basically all the girls got some new furniture.

We really like how it turned out...and yes there will be room for one more bed when Lucy is ready to move in if we move the long dresser down and Lucy will go in the corner. We measured and we are sure. I still need to do something about the curtains and still have some stuff to hang on the walls.

From the doorway

from the corner closet..if you look close you see Buggy in bed.  She was just waking from her nap.

from the end of the bunkbeds

waking with a smile

Buggy was made for that face.

From on top of the bunk!!

Anna's in bed bookcase

Bug's in bed bookcase

from the desk

Buggy with her best lovey.  Puppy had been missing for months and Anna just found it tucked into her sleeping bag.

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Gobbagram said...

No one puts Lucy in a corner!