Thursday, August 21, 2014

Lucy is 6 Months.....Or Almost 7 Months!!

Ohhh poor 4th baby!  Hardly a post dedicated to her here on the blog.  Well, she turned 6M on 7/ she will be 7M in a few days.

She is a darling and much loved little baby.  But she is my differentest baby!!  She only lags behind Anna a little for crankiest baby.  She wants your attention...and she wants it NOW! LOL...But the biggest difference is the SLEEEEPPP!!  Oh my goodness, this baby has not gotten the memo on how Salvucci babies SLEEP.  They just do!  She is regularly still up at 10pm and then up at night or in the wee hours to be fed.  None of the conking out by 7-8 and sleeping until the next morning for this ma'am.  Cruel joke.

Also, compared to my other girls she is enormous.  Larger by pounds and longer. I will have to look back to compare her to Ben, but she may be bigger than he was too.  I think she was 14lbs2ozz at her last well check (I already forgot....see another thing with baby #4...the stats).  She is at the 90th I think for length and 25th for weight.  The other two girls were never even in double digits for weight...and barely for height.

She is at the slower end with motor skills.  I don't count Anna in that because she was clinically delayed and not even rolling over by 6M.  But she is now getting up on hands and knees and sort of throwing herself forward, loves to roll under the couches, not quite sitting up but does the mostly upright lounging position.  She can sit in the high chair just fine or in the wagon where she has some support...and she can sit up if you sit her up.  She loves to be fed baby oatmeal and purreed stuff.  She looks like a Ben clone and is a sweet and smiley little love girl.

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