Friday, March 19, 2010

Bedtime for Benjamin

Just a little glimpse into bedtime for Ben. We have said our family prayers, gotten a new diaper and some pajamas. Then Ben picks out a bedtime story. He almost always picks "Engine" which is The Little Engine That Could. This is currently Ben's favorite book.

Once the story is done Ben puts the book back in the book basket and collects his little travelling companions.

He has three main stuffed animals: Froggy, Foofy, and Kitty. Kitty is a recent addition. He used to live at Grandma's house but Ben just could no longer bear to leave it there so he has become a permanent fixture here.
As you can see tonight Ben also wanted TWO Elmo dolls in bed.
So he piles them all up in his arms and then waits for me to come carry him upstairs for bedtime.

Stupid flash prevented mefrom getting a picture with his eyes open!
The interesting thing about these stuffed animals is that he only seems to have an attachment to them during the time it takes to go up to bed and come down from bed. He does not hold onto them in bed and he almost always brings them all down in the morning and after naps, but then doesn't give them a second glance all day.

Here is Ben losing his patience with me taking pictures instead of taking him to bed! But the rest of the routine is pretty boring. We go upstairs, I lie him in bed, I tell him I love him, and stroke his hair for a moment, then I shut the door and it is off to dreamland for little Ben.

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Meghan said...

oh I love the photos! So adorable and so tired!