Monday, March 01, 2010

Castaway: Starring Claudio Salvucci

Well the 6 weeks finally passed and it was time to get the casts off!! Claudio was basically reaching the end of his patience with the discomfort so really glad the day arrived!!

Bye bye casts!!! The last (and maybe only LOL) photo of both casts

Ahhhhhh fresh air!!!
Considering what his leg had been through it didn't look too bad. The incision was completely healed up. The leg didn't look thinner mostly because it was still quite noticeably swollen and sort of just disfigured looking.
Off for one last xray to make sure it is all healed up.

Here is Cla's hardware! You can see one side has one long screw holding it together and the other has a long plate with several screws holding it in place.

Still using his walker, but now he is actually using it to walk! YAY!!! He starts his physical therapy on Monday. He has it three days a week for a month! The doctor felt he would be walking unassisted before he knew it.

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