Monday, August 23, 2010


Outside my window... Beautiful cool sunshiny late summer morning! Delicious out! And I think it is supposed to rain later. And I love rain too. So it just may be a day of perfect weather. I never understood the idea of "rainy days and Mondays" getting someone down ;)

I am thinking...About my grand plans for the day. The kids went with Claudio to my inlaws for the day. Won't be home till after dinner. So I have plans to do all those projects that are hard to do with kids around.

I am thankful for...A mommy day off!

From the learning rooms... Nothing for the kids. I got my copy of Little Saints so need to start compiling materials. I plan to start in February. So I have plenty of time, but I also want to come up with some stuff to start this Fall.

From the kitchen... NOTHING...I am off duty today! Although I do need to do some dishes.

I am wearing... A denim skirt, pink tshirt, brown crocs

I am going... To Staples to drop off our Fios box, to the library to return a book, to Good Will to browse about

I am reading... Emily of New Moon

I am hoping... to have a productive, but relaxing day

I am hearing...the TV

Around the house... a disaster mess that I need to clean up!

One of my favorite things... days like today :)

A few plans for the rest of the week: I have a dentist appointment on Thursday and other than that nothing too exciting.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing:

Cla's new Apple computer that I am jealous of. Not too exciting but it was the only spare picture I had around of any interest LOL

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