Thursday, August 19, 2010

What We Have Been Learning

Strength: Sweet little Annabella had her blood drawn yesterday. She was a brave little soul, only crying while the needle was in her arm. I hope to hear the results soon. I am not sure to pray they find an issue or not.

BTW she is crying here not because of the blood draw but because she wants her lunch!

Letters: Ben continues to love all things having to do with letters, so the other night I took out some playdough. I wondered if he could try to make letter shapes, but he would not make anything with the playdough! I don't know if he doesn't get it or doesn't like how it feels, but he will barely manipulate it at all. He did, however, enjoy smelling it! LOL!

So I made letter shapes and he matched them to the letters on his placemat. He got 100% correct.

Anna was equally unimpressed with the playdough! She broke her little blue piece into tiny crumbs (which I am still cleaning up).

Earlier in the day Ben danced around the living room singing the Alphabet song (with varied accuracy) along with his little Leap Frog refridgerator toy.

Nursery Rhymes: I have been helping Ben to learn to recite Jack and Jill. I figure it will take him quite a bit of time, but we go over it several times a day and he always lights up when I ask him if he wants to say it. And please pardon the view of his rear. We are still working on the potty training and I tried to keep it out of the picture.

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