Saturday, August 14, 2010

Pillows and Wires

Ahhh the end of a very long week!! This morning Claudio treeated me to a morning out without any kids. First I ran to Dunkin Donuts for an iced coffee. I have been dying for one, but since I usually have Ben with me and he would be upset if we stopped at D&D without getting a donut (egg allergy issue). Then I went to Cherry Hill and went to Lakeshore Learning Store, which was overwhelmingly wonderful. And I picked up some things we would need for Little Saints. Then I went to J.Jill (sadly underwhelming), Learning Express (ditto), Olly's (covet covet covet), Barnes and Noble where I sat and read on a cushy chair, and then treated myself to a yummy lunch at Panera before getting home in time to see the kids off for their naps!

I was much refreshed and renewed when I got home! Thank you Claudio!

Grandma Joanne picked up these cute pillows for the kids and they have been enjoying rolling around on them and snuggling.

This mess of TV, wires and antennas means we are once again without cable. Our Fios introductory rate expired and we decided it just wasn't worth the extra money. It took some tweeking, but we now have all of the regular network channels at least.

Speaking of donuts...I hope to try these egg free and delicious looking ones soon for Benjamin!


Gobbagram said...

the biscuit dough is egg free?? Sounds easy!

Jamie Carin and Claudio Romano said...

I looked it up and it said that Pillsbury Grands are egg free, but to always check the label. Which I have learned my lesson about since yesterday evening when I was making chicken fingers. I was breading them with regular Italian dressing and bread avoid the eggs. When I was compelled to check the Italian dressing label. Sure enough it had eggs in it!! ITALIAN DRESSING!!! And no not creamy Italian. It was Shop Rite brand "House Italian". So I breaded his with no dressing and of course he didn't even eat one bite of it anyway.

Gobbagram said...

Oh no! I better go read my bottle. It was viniagrette so I didn't even bother to read it! Wishbone Robusto Italian. Will go read now!