Thursday, September 09, 2010

Circle Time - Week One

Well Circle Time (or we call it Table Time here....because we do it at the table LOL) has been a very interesting learning experience.........for me!

My plans included:
A morning offering
picture book
learn/memorize a prayer
bible story from a children's bible
nursery rhyme
felt board
picture book
coloring page

I took my picture book themes largely from Emily over at Charming the Birds, simply because they were such good ideas! So this week was Tomie DePaola. I had only a vague knowledge of his books and had never read any with the kids, but I am glad I did!! They are so perfect for this family!! The ones we took out are all basically about Italian Catholics and so cute and stereotypical (in a good way). We are loving them.

Ben is also loving his felt board. And insists on putting the man's pants on upside down idea why and no arguing with him! I definitely need to make more pieces for this. Claudio also made him a mini solar system out of felt that he is enjoying.

What Ben is NOT enjoying and is outright refusing to take part in is anything that requires verbal participation from him. He will not pray, he will not try to learn a new prayer, he will not recite a nursery rhyme (even though he does this at other times of the day joyfully and willingly). Part of me thinks: ohh well he is only 2.5 let him do what he wants to do. This is not supposed to be a stressful or pressure filled time for him. But another part of me thinks: this seems to be a pattern for him after our experience with Music Together where he refused to participate in class but absolutely loved the music at home and still, month later, sings it all day long. Is this going to be an issue when it comes time to really start school???

But I know he is enjoying our Table Time as he asks when we are going to do it and comes running when I call him to come sit. So I am glad we started on this little adventure and I hope we can take the little successes and build on them.

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Gobbagram said...

I think what he is enjoying the most, is your undivided attention--assuming this is likely done when Anna is napping. He certainly looks happy (and he looks like his cousin Gianluca!).