Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Pork Chops and Applesauce

Well we are suffering from our first colds of the season. A little premature for my liking. So far Anna has been struck the worst. I am attacking mine with Zicam and Airborne and so just dealing with minor congestion and sluggishness right now. Ben seems to be getting a bit droopy. Tomorrow will tell for him. And Cla, so far, untouched! We were supposed to have a our first preschool playdate from our local Catholic homeschool group, but we will have to back out. I am really disappointed, but luckily there is another next month.

My little Anna has had such a hard month or so and I just feel awful that just as all the teething seems to have past that she now has quite a yucky cold. I think she might be running a low fever and she is just so drippy and unhappy. Now in addition to this cold her pediatric GI appt was moved from Oct. 21 to THIS Thursday!! I am so happy to be getting her in so much earlier, but it is just unfortunate timing for her I think. Prayers please for her to get well quickly and for her appt to go well.

For Ben table time continues this week with stories about harvest time. I keep meaning to do a post with what books we are reading each week. Hopefully I will get to that this week.

I took these videos about a week or so ago (I see myself falling behind with the schedule getting busy and the colds *sigh*). Anna is at that difficult stage where she doesn't want to be fed anymore and can't quite feed herself things that require the use of a utensil. So on a whim I figured I would let her go for it with some applesauce just to see what happened and I was shocked to find that she did really great! And then of course Ben wanted his video take!

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