Monday, September 13, 2010


Outside my window... Beautiful sunshiny day. We finally had some rain yesterday, but right back to sunshine and dry days ahead. Even our weeds are shriveling up and dying at this point!! But we are definitely enjoying the cooler days!

I am thinking...the fact that the kids will be waking from their naps any moment and so will begin the whirwind that is the late afternoon/evening in the Salvucci house. Ben will be cranky, as he wakes slowly, Anna will be ravenous, as she always is when she wakes. So everyone will be whining and crying and want to be held. Then I will finish making dinner, say a small prayer that Ben eats and that Anna doesn't use her hair as a napkin. Clean up, family time, pajamas, diapers, stories, bottles....and then *phewww* everyone is tucked cozily into bed to start the adventure again. Yup...that is what I am thinking LOL

I am thankful for...a beautiful holiday spent with family this past weekend on Long Island. And Sunday spent with my oldest, dearest friend at Old Bethpage Village Restoration (I would link to a website, but it doesn't appear they have one!!). One of my most favorite places.

From the learning rooms... Onto week two of Table Time and an apple theme. Things still going well.

From the kitchen...dinner was put in the crockpot this morning. Pork chops in a mushroom/onion sauce. Smells good. Hope it tastes good.

I am wearing... a beige skirt and a yellow tshirt

I am going... to pray we can move to the wilderness.

I am reading... Emily of New Moon (still. I am a very slow reader..not even halfway through yet and I read every night before bed)

I am hoping... for a massive inheritance, lotto winning, million dollar idea, bank error in my favor, etc etc..

I am neighbors (why i want to move to the wilderness), rustling leaves, Ben drawing on his easel.

Around the house... first floor relatively tidy and clean. Upstairs could use some work, but tomorrow is another day!

One of my favorite things... the snuggly blankets in my bed.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Anna goes for her weight check at the pediatrician this week. I am very anxious to see if she has gained. Am I deluding myself into seeing the tiniest of double chins? Also if we are feeding her higher fat foods and more of it and she still hasn't gained that is also of concern, etc etc etc. And I have a doctor appt this week (just a checkup). Other than that we home bodies will likely be home!

Here is a picture thought I am sharing:

We let Ben watch Finding Nemo recently. He loved it. As a compromise to watching it constantly we will put the aquarium feature from the DVD on the TV. He loves that too LOL

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Love Bears All Things said...

Okay, I want to know about the Aquarium feature you mentioned. I used to have a real one and I loved it but it is just so much work...we have a little pond(in process) with 6 fish which I feed each evening. They are fun to watch.
Dinner sounds lovely.
Mama Bear

Jamie Carin and Claudio Romano said...

It is part of the FInding Nemo DVD. The movie came with a DVD of special features and other things. One of the features was this aquarium setting. So you just pop it into the dvd player and you have an instant aquarium on your TV :) Hope that helps!