Monday, October 11, 2010


Outside my window... dark (because it is night time!), cool, but not cold. I can hear crickets chirping away and there is just a little fingernail sliver of a moon tonight.

I am thinking...Still thinking about Anna. Anna Anna Anna Anna. I am thinking about her upcoming surgery which was scheduled today. I am thinking of the logistics of visiting/being with her and taking care of dear Benjamin. I am thinking about whether I will sleep again. I am thinking about how in a year all she will have is a really cool scar and a dramatic story to share. I am thinking about if I will have a chubby baby once she can digest food and empty her tummy like she should. Will she need all new clothes? Or, more likely, will her clothes finally fit correctly?

I am thankful for...the great doctors and nurses we have met at CHOP. Not only professional, competant, at the top of their fields, but also caring, upbeat, positive, and the ability to make you believe that your baby is their only concern. I am also thankful to my friend Kori who encouraged me to switch pediatricians to her practice. She was right and they were a God send. Getting us on the right track IMMEDIATELY with my little Annabella.

From the learning rooms... Well it should be pumpkin week, but I am thinking we might end up taking this week off and picking up pumkins next week. Today my mom came and picked Ben up for a visit right when we would have started table time and so he wasn't interested in sitting down for that when Grandma was around. Tomorrow I will be picking him up in the afternoon so again we will miss table time. Then I have a dentist appt and he has a weightcheck somewhere in there. So it is just a weird week schedule wise. But that is the beauty of homeschooling. It is TOTALLY flexible. But also he is just 2.5 and whether he sits down to read with mommy at a set time this week or not will have little to no bearing on his future academic success LOL

From the kitchen...we have a kitchen?? Still have apples that still need baking.....Did make a lot of zucchini bread last week. And that is it really. I hate cooking.

I am wearing... denim skirt and black tshirt

I am going... to relax and then go to bed and hopefully sleep.

I am reading... Emily of New Moon....just a few pages to go!!!

I am hoping... I am not even sure what I am hoping for right now. For everything to go well with Anna's surgery. My dad is having surgery the day before Anna so I am hoping everything goes well with his surgery as well! I am hoping to sleep peacefully and that Anna sleeps peacefully. She has been waking a lot lately. Totally not like her :(

I am hearing...Cla breathing. He is taking his pre-bedtime nap ;)

Around the house... the usual messes. Although a little better than usual since Ben is at Grandma's and we were out all day and ate dinner out!! Cla is working on getting the doors up in the basement as we inch closer to a finished basement.

One of my favorite things... Cooler weather.

A few plans for the rest of the week: ohh gosh who can even remember. Some appts and hopefully the rest quiet, restful, uneventful

Here is a picture thought I am sharing:

Almost a year ago!! Time flies!

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