Wednesday, October 20, 2010

We've Decided To Let Things Slide

Ben is really big into sliding lately and constantly asks if we will sit on the couch so he can use our legs as a slide. It is not that great of a slide and it gets sort of painful for us LOL...So daddy had a great idea the other night.

Then Mommy had an even better idea. I checked out Craigs List to see if there is anything that would work for us. We immediately came across this slide for a price that couldn't be beat so we jumped at.

We had it in the living room for the morning because I wanted Ben to get to try out before he left for Grandma's house and it was pouring rain outside. It is now in our yard waiting for Anna to recover from her surgery and for Ben to come home.

When the cold weather comes we may keep it in the basement so the kids can still enjoy it.

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Anonymous said...

How completely adorable!! Maureen likes to sit on my lap while I fun!