Monday, October 04, 2010


Outside my window... dark, drizzly and a bit raw. A beautiful day weatherwise in my book. I love these first chilly days where you have to scramble to find sweaters and socks and snuggly blankets for everyone.

I am thinking...About Anna basically all day and all night. She consumes most of my thoughts these days.

I am thankful for...Great care we are receiving at CHOP (Children's Hospital of Pennsylvania)

From the learning rooms... It is leaf week, but we did not have a chance to do Table Time today due to doctor appts for Anna. So leaf week will start tomorrow. As for Anna and what she is learning. She is becoming more and more verbal!! Sometimes she shocks me. The words I can recall: daddy, bubble, cat, Bunny (bubby), cracker, cheese, cookie, bots (our word for bottle), I am almost certain I heard her saying pumpkin today.

From the kitchen...It is an apple extravaganza as we went apple picking yesterday. We have two HUGE bags of apples. The kids have been eating quite a few, but tomorrow I must get to making stuff. On the agenda is apple butter in the crockpot, several apple breads (to be frozen) and muffins, applesauce (eaten in great quantities by the two and under set and also now used as an egg replacer in baking).

I am wearing... navy velour pants, a peach shirt, and a light green sweater....can you tell fashion is my thing?? ;)

I am going... To update this blog, do some knitting, and go to bed, and pray that Anna sleeps peacefully tonight (she has not slept well since the MRI on Saturday).

I am reading... Emily of New Moon almost done with it!!

I am hoping... a day without phone calls to doctors and/or appts. I am hoping to get back into a routine. I am hoping for a healthy Annabella. I am hoping for continued cool Fall weather. I am hoping Ben never draws with a pen on our dining room table again.

I am hearing...raindrops outside and Cla breathing deeply as he has once again fallen asleep on the couch.

Around the house... Things are a bit in disaray. Hopefully tomorrow things will get back in order. Colds have mostly worked their way through. Still some lingering coughing. Fall decorations are up.

One of my favorite things... the humongous flannel hospital blanket we were sent home from CHOP with the other day. So warm and cozy!

A few plans for the rest of the week: Apple cooking/baking of various types. I have knitting tomorrow evening. Get some deep cleaning/organizing done. Stay home and enjoy the Gall!

Here is a picture thought I am sharing:

This was taken today at the Nutritionist. Anna was having a very bad hair day today LOL

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