Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Impromptu Picnic

We have been having a lot of beautiful sunshiny days here! So the other afternoon we grabbed some lunch and took it outside to enjoy the day.

Mmmm, turkey, blueberries, potato chips, and apple juice.

After lunch there was digging, and sliding, and exploring. Unfortunately Annabella is terrified of bugs. No idea when or why it started, but if she hears them buzz by or sees the bug OR its shadow she just gets all upset, "b-bug b-bug mommy!!!" So lately she spends a good portion of her outdoor time in my lap!! This is the girl who pulled an IV from her own arm!! Totally not like her, so I hope it is a passing issue.

We let Bunny come into the yard with us. He is an indoor cat, but he will stay in the yard or sit on the steps to our porch.

Totally unrelated to picnicking, but I know a lot of people are working on organizing their homes during Lent...me included! I had worked out a pretty good schedule and I was just using a notebook to jot down the "To Dos" by hand each day. I was thinking I would need to create some sort of calendar/to do/agenda on the computer when lo and behold this post came up on my feed today: customizable household management planner. A free download at Money Saving Mom!! It is perfect and exactly what I needed. There are a few different templates and just figured if I was looking for one that others might be also!! I made up one page per day of the week and I am going to copy them and put them in a binder so I have my own homemade dayplanner. These are the things that excite me LOL


Meghan said...

Oh I am excited by the organizer find! Thank you! Great pics of the kids- they are both growing so fast!

Katherine T. Lauer said...

My kids love eating outdoors. We have a children's picnic table in the sun room, so it's their favorite place to eat lunch in the summer.

Allison said...

O my gosh, I have such a similar shot of my two oldest inside the sliding board hut of that playset...that exact kind! Brings back memories...sweet!