Friday, March 25, 2011

My How We Have Grown!

This "little" dress was a birthday gift for Anna last summer from her Uncle Matt. I thought I had a picture of her in it, but I can't find it (mom, do you have it??). It used to come to her knees and hang off her shoulders. Now it doesn't even cover her tush! Amazing!

BTW I forgot to mention the other day that Anna's biosies came back fine. So she no longer has any underlying GI issues (except from some residual motility issues) for not wanting to eat. So we stick with the assumption that it is now just behavioral and we move ahead towards her therapy! Onward and upward!!


gobbagram said...

Yes, I have a pic of her in that dress. Will send it on.

Ashley said...

Great news about her biopsies. :)

Clothing for little girls really is so much more versatile than for boys, especially since the trend is for leggings now. And it's so much nicer on the wallet when they can wear something more than one season or one year.

Jamie, she is just lovely!definitely growing.

Jamie Carin and Claudio Romano said...

Thanks Ashley!

And yes we LOVE leggings here. She wears them most days. In fact, if you are in need for your little sweetie I just got about $200 dollars worth of clothes for her (including those leggings) from Gymboree for $42!! Big sales going on there and they had BINS of leggings. I think we got 6 pairs. Also a few cute knit dresses and a few shirts.