Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Rice Maker That Changed My Life....

When Sharyn was here I was telling her how I had JUST started making REAL rice. Before then I had either used boil in a bag or instant type rice. I had recently decided in the name of saving a few bucks that I should learn how to just make rice like a real grownup!

Sharyn told me that if I was committed to being a grownup that made real rice that I simple HAD TO get myself a rice cooker. She was not the first to tell me this. She was the THIRD person to tell me this.

I always poo pooed the rice cooker idea because it seemed ridiculous to have an appliance just to prepare a side dish. But when making real rice I always hated those last several minutes of cooking the rice when you were juggling the rest of dinner, cranky kids, setting the table, and worrying if you rice was sticking to the pot, burning, not cooked enough etc etc. It was like a dance...LOL So when the ever practical Sharyn praised the rice cooker as life changing I finally listened.
That is right....we now have a rice cooker....that Sharyn generously bought for us!!!!!!! You see now that Ben has an egg allergy and noodles as a side dish are out. We do actually make rice fairly often. AND it is something Ben will eat!

My canister of real life grownup rice!

Put the rice in, flicked the button, walked away....and the rice cooked itself!!!!! INCREDIBLE!!!



claire said...

My son also has an egg allergy (as well as dairy and peanuts). Just an FYI: rice pasta doesn't contain eggs, and there are also a lot of whole wheat pastas that don't. I personally like the consistency of brown rice pasta better than whole wheat pasta, as long as it's not overcooked. If there are leftovers, however, it doesn't reheat well (except for lasagna made with brown rice pasta, that makes for great leftovers).

Jamie Carin and Claudio Romano said...


we have never had a problem with eggs in regular pasta. We just buy regular pasta (store brand, Ronzoni, Barilla, San Giorgio, etc etc). A few of them say they are made in a facility that also uses eggs, but most don't even have that. My nephew who is seriously anaphalactic to eggs also eats regular pasta with no problem. I was referring to egg noodles in my post that we can't have anymore.

claire said...

Oh, okay. I thought you meant all pasta. Yes, Jeffrey does okay with the pasta that's made in factories that use eggs.