Thursday, January 26, 2012

At Last....Born January 17th

Our sweet and beautiful Beatrice Rose was born at 2:02PM on January 17th.  7lbs2oz.  She shares a birthday with my dad!  And my birthday was the next day on the 18th. 

I want to write down details about labor and delivery so that I will have it here to look back at.

Her due date was Sunday the 15th and I went into to see the OB on the 16th.  My fluid had been running high and the OB thought it was better off to deliver than continue on feeling miserable.  I hopped on the option to be induced.  She was able to get me scheduled for that night.

We went in around 8pm and got all settled in and set up.  At around 3am I woke up in labor and the contractions quickly became quite intense.  I thought for sure the baby would be born in an hour or two....just like it was with Anna.  But as they wheeled me into labor and delivery my water broke.  It was the most incredible feeling of RELIEF LOL!!  The fluid was putting so much pressure on every part of my body that it was just incredible!  With all that pressure gone the contractions slowed down a lot and decreased in intensity and from there labor was QUITE slow, but steady.  Other than a few times when her heart rate dropped the labor was uneventful and she was born with just a push or two at 2:02PM.

She seems so tiny and dainty!  She has been a mostly content and sweet baby.....not as ridiculously easy as Ben, but generally more content than Anna was.

Ben and Anna love her and want to consume her most of the time.  Both have been pretty good and well adjusted with the baby in terms of their own behavior.  Anna definitely is needing more snuggling and loving....and Ben will do silly baby talk now and again.  But all pretty minor.

She is definitely a sweet and lovely addition to our little family!


Anonymous said...

What a sweet little poopie! She's just beautiful. Congratulations!!!!
Marie Siobhan

Katherine T. Lauer said...

Congratulations again! And I didn't realize about your birthdays . . . in my family, my birthday is also the very next day after my daddy's birthday!