Thursday, March 22, 2012

Don't Worry It Is Just "Red and Orange" Hair

One of the activities today for Ben's Little Saints Preschool program was to make an outline of his whole body and then color it in.

You can click on the picture to see it larger...if you dare  ;) 

First of all he is so ticklish that to get the outline done was very difficult LOL...he simply could not lay still!  So cute.

So he always says he has red and orange hair.....Crayola has it covered with a red-orange crayon.  So he scribbled over the top of his head with it to make hair.  And then we always talk about how his eyes match his those two red blotches that look like gunshot wounds on his head are his eyes of course LOL..

The dark green drawing on his shirt is supposed to be a crocodile since that is what was really on his shirt today.  But after realizing his drawing wouldn't be as crocodile-ish as he liked he scribbled over it.  Perfectionism is such a little devil.

But he did really enjoy this activity and it came out really cute.  But it is huge so I don't see us keeping it hanging for TOO long!  What do you all do with all the little art projects and drawings?  Keep or toss?

After we finished our lessons for the day we went outside, but I was so tired after a really bad nights sleep.  So I just sat on a beach chair and Ben was chatting away to me, but my exhaustion just got the best of me and I told Ben that I was going to take a rest and he said, " too.." and he climbed onto the chair with me, curled up and we were both asleep almost immediately.  Ohhhh it was the sweetest nap I have had in a long time!!!!  We slept until Claudio finished work and came looking for us!!!

Tonight Anna is sleeping without her pacifier for perhaps the first time in her life!!!  A little bittersweet for me I have to be honest.  :(

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