Friday, March 16, 2012

Such a Snooze!

 I hope Claudio doesn't get mad at me for posting this.  Luckily I am not sure he knows I took it and he doesn't read my he may never know!  It was just too precious!!  And I love that they are all sitting on what looks like a Toy Story toy and sippy cup and who knows what else is underneath them.  And the handy pencil behind his ear *sigh*.  I love how Beatrice's little hand is just barely touching Bunny and he isn't running away.  Bunny is afraid of Ben and Anna.....and with good reason.

 A closeup of the gorgeous little bundle of deliciousness!!!  Today it is just the two of us.  The olders went to my inlaws for the day.  I love having a slow quiet day like today with just my tiniest.

I was just thinking yesterday of the freedom I had with leave him wherever I liked.  I remember I would put him on his activity mat every morning and he would fall asleep there and I would then take him and put him down for a nap in his crib.  If I left Beatrice for even a moment on her activity mat she would likely be sat on and body slammed by one of the other children.  But on a day like today she can snooze or play without fear wherever she likes.

Later today we will be visiting our beloved Dr. Blair for Beatrice's 2M well check.  Can't wait to hear how big she has gotten.  Ben was 10lbs by his 2M.  I couldn't find Anna's 2M info but I found her 3M info and she had just hit 10lbs at 3M.  I am positive Beatrice is no where near 10lbs.  I will be shocked if she has hit 9M.  We shall see.  She is definitely a tiny smidge of a thing.

And last, but not dear Bunny.  My mushy squishy lump of a cat.  He only comes around once the kids are in bed....safely tucked away.  Otherwise he can be found snoozing on my bed.  Literally he snoozes on the bed ALL day.  Once the kids are in bed he comes down to snooze on the couch.  When I go to bed he comes back upstairs to snooze on the bed.  I would like to sign up for just ONE day like that!

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Katherine T. Lauer said...

What a sweet sleeping photo!

Yes, I experienced the same thing about how I had to keep baby #2 safe just because she'd have been crushed by a two-year-old! I felt like I wore #2 in my sling for a year just because it was the only place high enough and away enough to keep her safe from a toddler. Same with #3.