Thursday, August 21, 2014

Rain by Robert Louis Stevenson

 Anna has completed her first poem for Kindergarten!!

 I know the Mother of Divine Grace curriculum and many other classical curricula consider memorizing poetry to be very important for the younger grades. More important than things like science and history even...considering that Anna is studying and memorizing poetry every day, but will not even start thinking about history or science until 2nd grade. And even then it is very lightly touched upon. So, even knowing this, my inclination is often to just skip it and get done with school..get the reading and the math done and move on. Then I listened to this talk (scroll down a bit to get to the talk by Dr. James Taylor).  In fact I listened to it a row...and saved it to listen to again.  I am preparing her to read Shakespeare and Aristotle later.  We must learn the "good" books so we can learn the "great" books.

And of course Buggy couldn't have it that the camera was out and no video was taken of here is Buggy's version.  (and you can see her eye looks much better, but look at that new crop of mosquito bites over her face.)


Katherine T. Lauer said...

That is wonderful. I agree about poetry memorization, yet I totally skip it. I'll try to listen to that talk.

Jen said...

Very nice! I will definitely listen to that talk too.