Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Step Into History

This past weekend we celebrated Rosh Hoshana with our family on Long Island. As a special treat we decided to sleep over at my aunt's house and go to Old Bethpage Village Resoration on Sunday afternoon.

The village is made up of old homes and other buildings that were rescued from all over LI, moved to Old Bethpage and renovated to reflect what it would have been like in the 19th century. There are also constumed interpreters there to tell you the history of each building. The village was always one ofmy very favorite places to go on Long Island.

There are quite a few pictures here!

This is basically the 19th century answer to the bumbo chair LOL...the interpreter told me I could put Anna in the seat as long as I didn't tell anyone. Hmmm, wonder if that included putting it on my blog??

A three seater outhouse!! We couldn't resist!

A disclaimer on behalf of my dear friend Linda who joined us: it was a cool windy but humid day....and so fluffy hair abounded

My homage to Anne of Green Gables

Steeling her brother's pretzel!

I couldn't help but take all these pics of Anna sleeping. She is such a light sleeper that it is so rare that we catch her like this!! She was TOTALLY pooped!

Here are pics of everyone on our long drive back to NJ!

I thought this was awesome. In the middle of the Belt Parkway in Brooklyn is a Dunkin Donuts!!


Anonymous said...


Jamie Carin and Claudio Romano said...

I will assume this comment is from Marie Siobhan Gallagher of Math Solutions?? I was GOING to call, but our time was so limited. We were at my aunt's for the holiday. Then Sunday went to Mass, went to Old Bethpage, went home. So didn't want to start organizing meeting up with a lot of people etc. We will be back!!! Plus we were totally exhausted as Anna kept us up all night. Apparently she doesnt like to sleep away from home!

Julie @ Trinity Acres said...

What an awesome trip!!

Anonymous said...

OK, I will forgive you THIS time....seriously, it looks like you had a really fun time; I'm glad...we'll get together someday!!
Miss U!