Saturday, April 16, 2011

Daffodil Day

Today was Daffodil Day in the town we live in.  While the daffodils were definitely blooming the weather was otherwise quite frigid and UNspring-like!  We ventured out early as we are expecting a day of heavy rain.

Ben thought it was quite funny to peak through the little window on the stroller.  So cute that one!

Apparently there were going to be horse rides, a scavenger hunt, specials at the local restaurants, a Little Miss Daffodil contest, but it was just so cold that we just sort of quickly went around to have a quick look.

One of the little booths had this bee keeping display.  That is a  live hive with real bees.  The man who owns the hives mostly rent his bees out to help farmers pollinate
close up of the bees.

They were also having a sheep shearing at the local Quaker meeting house.  I peaked in at them in their trailor.

This is the Quaker meeting house.

Claudio and the kids waiting for the sheep.

It was amazing to see how patient and docile the sheep were while being shorn.  The man was twisting him this way and that and bending the sheep in half and they just went along with it.

There was also a little fleamarket where we got a few little Etch a Sketch for the kids, a little St. Nicholas nesting doll, some ribbon, etc.

Now we are in the warm house snuggling on the couch watching movies and drinking cocoa.

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Meghan said...

Those bees look very intimidating! Beautiful daffodils too!