Saturday, April 23, 2011

Just Under The Wire

Many many many months ago I was at Joann's one evening and came across some ridiculously adorable corduroy fabric that I thought would make perfect little jumpers for Annabella.  (I will have to get pics of the fabric to post). The only issue was that I am not a great sewer, I hadn't sewn for over three years, I had no space in the house in which to sew.

So for one of my Lenten goals I decided I would dig out the sewing machine, find/make a space for it, and make up a simple jumper out of some spare fabric as a trial run.

I put this off over and over.  I  found this most adorable, very easy tutorial here: Bubble Gum Jumper Tutorial but I was still intimidated.  Afraid to try and screw up.  Ughhh...just couldn't bring myself to do it.  BUT I was truly motivated to complete all of my Lenten goals.  So I finally forced myself to sit down and just DO IT!

Turned out it was SOOO much easier than I feared and I am love love loving this cute simple little pinafore jumper!!  And I JUST finished sewing the buttons on tonight.....hours before Easter and the end of Lent!!

I have visions of adding a little pocket with some little embroidery on it, but it is done, and ready to wear either way.  Time to break out the corduroy fabric and get some done for Fall/Winter!

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Katherine T. Lauer said...

What a cute jumper! I might have to make that sometime.