Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Lambs To Go Along With Our Lions....

Just a few pictures of the lamb craft Ben and I did the other day.

It was real simple: Paper plate, some glue, cotton balls (I cut the cotton balls in half so as not to waste more than we have to), construction paper, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, pom poms (and of course anything can easily be googly eyes...just cut eyes out of paper, same with the pom poms or pipe cleaners).

Ben had fun gluing the cotton balls around the plate for the first circle.  By the second circle the novelty had warn off and he asked me to help him LOL....but basically we glued the black construction paper circle in the center of the plate, glued the cotton balls on in two rows around the outer edge,  added the faces and the ears and let the glue dry a while.  They are now hanging in our front windows.  Came out pretty cute!

Any tips on working on scissor skills with little guys?  Other than just keep trying?  It is the open close motion he has trouble with once he has his fingers in correctly.  It is funny the skills we take for granted as adults!

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Gobbagram said...

He needs left handed scissors--that should help