Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Yarn Along

Well, it is true! At last at last!! The Nemo mittens are completed!!  Overall, considering I did these at the end of a pregnancy and postpartum and they are for a 4 year old who is not too critical I think they came out fine.  But here is some of my worst knitting to date.  It just came out sort of sloppy.  And, well, I just don't like those double points!!  But they are done and I am moving on to making something for myself!  I am starting the Shalom Cardigan.  I love this cardigan and I am praying that my resizing works out (the pattern only comes in small)  So I chose Vintage Chunky in very dark Forrest Green.  As you can see I haven't even casted on yet.  Just bought the yarn and did a few gauges yesterday.  Hope to cast on today.

As for reading.  I just finished that Laura Ingalls Wilder biography last night and started West From Home.  These are letters Laura wrote to Almanzo on her trip west to visit her daughter in San Francisco.  Can you tell I am on a Laura kick?  After I read A Wilder Life I printed out the authors bibliography and I am trying to work my way through it here and there.  I have always had a thing for Little House and Laura Ingalls and all that related stuff.  It makes good bedtime reading.

To check out some more yarn alongs (which I recommend if you like knitting and crocheting because you will find lots of inspiration and pattern ideas) go visit Ginny.


Donna said...

Oh those mittens are adorable!! I like the Shalom cardigan but I fear I could not re-size it to fit me.

Julia K said...

LOVE Laura Ingalls!!

Lori ann said...

these are adorable!