Wednesday, November 26, 2014

A Great Snowy Day Project. It's Not Too Late!

As soon as you clear on area of the driveway the first area is covered in snow again...

The trees looked beautiful heavily laden with wet snow

We are having our first major snow even of the season.  I love living in a world that has major snow before Thanksgiving!!  Love snow!!!  So after a quick run about outside to play and shovel this morning we have hunkered down inside with the woodstove roaring.  It is 3:30 now and the snow is still coming down steady.

It turned out to be a perfect day to participate in the Pondered In My Heart ATC All Saints Swap.  If you follow that link you can get all of the information needed to join in as well.  ATC stands for Artist Trading Card.  So the swap involves each child drawing five ATC saint pictures.  Then you mail them to Pondered In My Heart and in return you will get 5 new cards colored by other children. 

A great pre-holiday, snowy day project, a great way to learn about some new saints, to practice our drawing skills, and to get mail for kids is always very exciting!!  The ATC cards need to be postmarked by Saturday the 29th so there is still time to whip up some artwork and get them into the mail!
Busy at work

Our finished cards....they have been wrapped off and sent off.  Or at least they are in the mailbox in the hopes that we have mail today!

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