Saturday, November 01, 2014

All Saint's Day

Today we celebrated All Saint's Day at our parish. It was an awesome day! We had a beautiful Mass followed by a potluck and then the kids each got a turn to present their saint while the other children guessed who they were.

My kids dressed as the three Fatima children and Our Lady of Fatima. And they were one of the winners for their age group.  Over 100 kids participated all together.

I have no idea why the sound did not come out on this video, but you get the idea.  Ben did a great job reading the clues for the family.


waiting for the festivities to start!

By this time of the day Buggy was well overdue for a nap.  So she was just "Buggin around" as we call it...She pulls off Portuguese peasant like no other!

we tried to get a quick snap of everyone together but this was right after they finished their turn and it was so busy and loud that they were already half undressed from costumes and totally not in the mood LOL

Here is most of the kids who participated!

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