Monday, November 24, 2014

The Outakes of Life

We have been quite busy with illness around here.  First Buggy had a mild chest cold.  A bit of a cough, but otherwise fine.   About a week and a half ago the cough started to sound different and then she woke from her nap with bright rosy cheeks and acting quite droopy.  She had a fever.  By dinner time she was wheezing and her respiration picked up.  We took her to the doctor the next morning first thing and sure enough she had pneumonia.  It was remarkable how fast it happened because she had pneumonia on both sides when the morning before she was fine!

The pediatrician prescribed some meds and told me that I would be her ICU nurse for the next 72 hours so we can keep her out of the hospital.  He gave me detailed directions on what to do and we got to work.  When we returned in 72hrs she was well on her way to recovery.  Lungs clear and breathing much improved. Deo Gratias. 

Then by midweek Ben started coughing.....that hacking, non stop, asthma cough which is the first sign that he is getting a cold.  So this week was full of treating Ben's reactive airway disorder/cough variant asthma and of course by the end of the week everyone had his cold!

Hopefully everyone wil be well by Thanksgiving.  And really hope this is the only illness excitement we have for the winter!  Get it over with early.

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