Monday, November 10, 2014

Annabella Is a Regular Ole Healthy Little Girl.

Ben might act like his sisters are a nuisance, but when Anna asked if she could take his stuffed doggie with her to her MRI he said, "You can have whatever you want."

Who-da thunk it?!  We just past the 4yr anniversary of her surgery for her Annular Pancreas.  And two years since we removed her Gtube.  She has been doing great and just recently hit 30lbs....we thought she'd never get there!

She had one last medical hurdle to get over before she was without a doubt 100% healthy and all of this stuff could be put behind her.

She was born with a deep sacral dimple and because she was born with another birth defect, had chronic constipation, and birth marks along her spinal column and other places on her body her doctor felt it was best that we make sure there was nothing going on.  This was years ago....but he said since she had no neurological symptoms we could wait until all of her other medical things had calmed down a bit.

Finally, last summer we made the appointment with neurosurgery.  The doctor recommended that we have an MRI done to be sure there was no spinal tethering or anything like that, but because she had no neurological symptoms that we should wait a year so that the MRI could be done without sedation.

So at the beginning of October I took her for the MRI.  She did incredibly well.  She was as still as could be the whole time.  The MRI results showed no tethering but showed what looked like a fatty mass a few centimeters in diameter at the bottom of her spine.  So, we had to have a repeat MRI with contrast done....and this time sedation so there was no chance any movement was causing anomolies on the film that didn't really exist.

Last Wednesday she had this done.  She was nervous about the IV, but she did wonderfully and was so brave!!  WE got a call from the neurosurgeon the next day saying that the MRI was completely clear.  No tethering, no mass, no nothing.  Just a perfectly healthy spine and a benign sacral dimple.

So that is that.  Likely the last medical update on my daughter that I will ever post.  Deo Gratias!

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