Sunday, November 02, 2014

My Lucy Love


My little Lucy (aka Lucy Love/Lou Love/Luly Love/Lumpsy Lou/Luly Patchully) she is my mystery baby.  She is newly 9M and I still don't really get her.  My worst sleeper by far.  My most difficult teether (she has been in the throws of teething since around 4M..after several months of intense drool, drippy nose, and poor sleep she finally got her first two teeth.  Then we had some relief.  A few weeks ago the drool and drips and sleeplessness started again.  This time with some GI issues and some intense diaper rash.  Each tooth seems painstaking...painstakingly slow!).  She is slow and steady with new skills.  She has been able to pull up to standing for quite some time, but chooses to do it sparingly and only slowly increasing the use of new skills.  She is intense and will stare you down on first meeting.  She has a slow but easy smile...and an infectious laugh.  And she is enormous by our standards.  At her recent well check she was 17lbs7oz (25th%).  That is bigger than both Anna and Beatrice at a YEAR old.  But what is truly tremendous is her height!  She is 29 inches and between 75th and 90th% for height!  My other kids are all rather midgie little things!  If she didn't LOOK like a Salvucci baby we might wonder where she came from!  She is soft and warm and snugly and much beloved.

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