Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Excitement Is For The Birds!!

The excitement started last night when Anna woke around midnight crying and then throwing up (and losing her tube). She had to be changed, the bedding had to be changed. Luckily she went right back to sleep with no problems and slept the rest of the night.

When she got up this morning it became clear the cause for upset tummy overnight was another cold :( The first sign of a cold for has been throwing up once her feed is started. So please pray that she gets better soon. Even a little cold means days of cutting her feedings in half and therefore lost calories and weight gain setbacks. And prayers please that no one else gets the cold!!!

Now if a big overnight mess wasn't enough.....

This morning Cla was collecting the trash from each room because it is garbage day here today! He comes downstairs to inform me that there seems to be a squirrel in the wall!!! WHAT??!!!!

So I ask, "Well what do we do??" And he said, "We break the wall open or we have a stinking dead squirrel in the wall!"

If you turn up your volume you can hear the animal rustling around in the wall in Anna's room!!

Cla gets everything ready (he put on several layers of clothes and heavy gloves in case it was a rabid squirrel (or possum, rat, mouse, badger....we had no idea what it was....we just assumed squirrel). Luckily Anna's room shares a wall with our bathroom closet.....I was quite happy we didn't have to put a hole in her wall....much better to put a hole in the linen closet!

Cla broke the wall open and out flew a bird!!! I peaked the door open to get this picture of it on the light fixture!! Cla eventually cornered it and was able to pick it up in his hands and put it in our cat carrier.
And there it is!! A very nice looking bird!

And we release the bird back out into the world....and hope that is all the excitement we have for a LONG time! We much prefer the quiet, boring life!!!


Gobbagram said...

Do you know how the bird got into the wall in the first place? You need to seal up the entry. Hope he (she?) doesn't come back to hatch her babies!?!?!?

Jen said...

Wow, too much excitement! Hope you can figure out how it got in there. At one of our old apartments we never could figure out how birds kept getting into the utility closet and dying (and sadly we would discover due to the smell). No fun!

Katherine T. Lauer said...

You two are so brave to take on a rustling animal by yourselves! That bird is fortunate, as it would have been a stinking dead bird very soon without your help.

Jamie Carin and Claudio Romano said...

Cla is pretty sure the bird was perched on the soffits on the roof and fell somehow, getting stuck. He definitely hasn't been living there because with the racket he was making we certainly would have noticed. It must have happened soon before Cla heard him. Certainly a much easier thing to deal with than bird mites!! (if you haven't read that story check out the archives for July of 08!!)

Katherine once we discovered it was a bird I felt bad for the bird and protective/concerned. If it had been a squirrel I would have wanted to give it a good swift kick in the rear...they are so meddlesome LOL

Jen said...

Just checked that out, yes, bird in the wall is better than that for sure!